Vice = a self-destructive addiction

Vice: the lack of control on any weakness to the point where it becomes our second nature. A sick one.

According to Father Arsenie Boca, the beloved monk from Transylvania, „our enemy (the devil) is allowed to lure our body and soul with the pleasures deriving from vices: sensuality, greed, luxury, vanity, the temptation of power, of evanescent glory, pride or arrogance, with the obsession of property (”to have”), pushing the human being into a context of a perspective on life completely contrary to the Revelation. All vices generate a competition for the goods of the material world, so that people see each other as fierce enemies, capable of murder and war.

Source: Părintele Arsenie Boca, Tinerii, familia şi copiii născuţi în lanţuri, Ediţia 3, Editura Credinţa Strămoşească, 2009

Father Arsenie Boca, Young people, the family and the kids born in chains, 3rd edition

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