Vice = a self-destructive addiction

Vice = a self-destructive addiction

Vice: the lack of control on any weakness to the point where it becomes our second nature. A sick one. According to Father Arsenie Boca, the beloved monk from Transylvania, „our enemy (the devil) is allowed to lure our body and soul with the pleasures deriving from vices: sensuality, greed, luxury, vanity, the temptation of power, of evanescent glory, pride or arrogance, with the obsession of prop... »

„Inside Out”: emotions + a different perspective

The “Inside Out” (Intors pe dos) movie has as protagonist a girl (Riley), from the moment she is born until the age of 11 and focuses on the 5 main emotions she experiences: joy, sadness, disgust, anger, fear. Each emotion is represented through an animated character and can influence her via a control center (Headquarters). When she was born, this headquarters only had one button. Over time, it b... »

„Inside Out”, secrets of your brain REVEALED

The film „Inside Out” approaches many complex subjects in the field of neuroscience and communicates them in a simplified way, easier to understand by the public at large. Beyond the animation for kids, the film has many things to reveal to adults. (Just like fairy tales which, by symbols, meanings, ideas can challenge the mind, the heart and even the soul of adults.) The way the emotions of the g... »

„Inside Out” and inside… you

The film is an invitation to a voyage through the mind of the little girl, in order to understand who she is (ex: her personality,  memories) and how she perceives what happens to her, the people and the world around (ex: her thoughts, moods). There are presented 5 main emotions, „the control centre” where they operate, doing some „foolish things”, the islands of the personality, the maze of the m... »